How to bet on horses

Perhaps you were able to win two or more games in a league; it doesn’t necessarily qualify you as a gambler. This article would serve as a guide showing you how to go about it if you desire to make funds on the racetrack gambling regardless of if you are a newbie or a veteran,

They include:

  • Specialize

There is a lot of horse racing especially in the summer, and it is almost impossible to follow up on every one of them. Even making efforts to do so can result in losses due to bad judgment. Its nest to find a specific area to have a handle on. Follow up the chosen kind of race and watch every one of them to have a better understanding of this.

  • Keep Records

Focusing on one area means that you can keep records of everything that has to do with every race in that area. There are lots of companies which provide versions which are readymade like Race form and Time form that allow you input your views as well as their professional analysis.

–        The Race Shape

This is another crucial factor in the analysis of a race you intend to bet on. Make efforts to understand the running styles of the protagonists and what benefits them the most. E.g., if two frontrunners in the race are headstrong, they are likely to wreck each other ahead and give the race to a holdup horse.



  • Exercise patience when there is a change in weather

The most difficult periods for bookmarkers are the summer months, and this is because the ground remains the same due to the dry weather. Nonetheless, the results from racing change along with the weather. Exercise caution carrying out analysis of a horse racing form on soft ground when the actual race ground may be on the fast ground. It is for this reason bookmarkers are available.

  • The Impact of the Draw

This is becoming increasingly relevant in locating winners, and it is continuously a source of stress to punters on the flat. For some reason, specific areas of the race course have strips of turf which are faster that ensure that horses drawn low or high enjoy a massive advantage. It is crucial to keep a record of this and remember it for betting in future.

  • Don’t Bet Odds-on

Make efforts to avoid betting odds-on and place focus especially on each way opportunity. The hit was required when betting odds-on frequently is very high and with the prices been dictated recently, it is very difficult to get a price advantage at this part of the market.

How to Pick Your Winning Horse

Horse racing is one sport which people enjoy betting on. As a beginner, this can prove to be difficult if you don’t learn the best ways to pick a winning horse. This process may often be referred to as handicapping. Below are some aspects you should consider if you wish to improve your chances of winning.

Get familiar with reading the race day program.

The race day program gives detailed information on making the most profitable bets. Ensure you learn the terms relating to horse racing to utilize this information fully.

Look at what class levels the horse has been racing at. 

Class in horse racing is also the level. There are various levels under which a horse can compete. The higher the class, the better the horses and the likelihood of more horses fighting for first place. In horse races, there are four classes which are the maiden, claiming, allowance, and stake races. Based on the performance of the horse during the year, it will move into a class where the horses are of the same level. The class the horse is moved into can affect the outcome of the race.

Past performance on surface type

The surface of the racetracks differs, and it can be either natural or artificial. The performance of each horse will be affected by the different tracks. Be sure to look at the past performance of each horse on the particular track for the day.

The Jockey

The skill of the jockey can change the flow of a race. An excellent jockey is one with a history of top three finish with different horses. You should also consider the horse. If the jockey and the horse have a great record together, then this is a good indicator. You may also have a talented jockey riding an average horse. This is a potential winning bet in most cases. Consistency is the key factor here.

Consider the odds

This is the easiest method used to select a horse. It doesn’t always guarantee a win but betting on the favorite horse usually, ensures small returns. The odds for each horse is printed beside the horse name on the program. You will be looking for the lowest odds as this is the race favorite.

Watch the horse in the paddock. 

This is another excellent means to identify a horse that is not interested in the race. The paddock is an area where the horses are shown off before the race. By looking at the behavior of the horse and other key factors like sweating, and rearing, you can easily determine which horse is nervous, wasting its energy, or is feeling sick. When you find a horse that is alert and also staying calm to conserve its energy, then you may have found a winner.

You don’t have to bet on every race. 

Anyone making bets for the first time will easily be tempted into placing a bet on all the races of the day. This is a bad idea. It is best you pick maybe two or three for the day and devote your time to selecting a winner for these races.

Set a budget and bring cash in that amount. 

A budget prevents you from using money which is for other important things. This is a good method to control your gambling if you think you have a problem.


How to start your own sports betting site

There has been massive growth in the online gambling industry over the years and because of this, lots of gaming operators are beginning to go into the online sports betting business. This business, although challenging is also quite challenging and this is due to the massive level of competition.

The gambling industry although lucrative, can be very tricky and result in loss of funds if you have no idea on what to do. To be ahead of the competitors and be successful in this business, any individual who desires to start his or her own sports betting site must ensure he has a betting site that is unique from others.

If you are among these individuals, and you have had your eye on the sports betting industry, the following are some of the things to consider which are certain to keep you ahead of the game.

Hire the services of reputable sports betting software provider

Ensure you search for developers of a betting site who are very experienced and can provide you with the latest and most professional hosting available as well as all the required software required by sports data. Various licensed organizations and individuals specialize in providing this service.

Get the required Licenses

You may be required to apply for a license to be a sports betting provider. This is dependent on the country you are planning to offer your services to. Different countries have different regulations concerning this, so it is best you study the rules in any country you plan on setting up before you do so. As an alternative, you have the possibility of becoming a sports betting software developer’s licensee. This is because a few of them make efforts to add additional licenses to their portfolio.

Create diverse options for payments

To ensure players are comfortable, numerous payment gateways should be created. This would assist players in carrying out transactions quickly and in a secure and safe manner. Ensuring a secure option of payment is definitely going to give you an edge over competitors as people like to feel safe when they carry out online transactions and are more likely to go where their safety is assured.

Promotion and Marketing

You may create a state of the art sports betting site, but without the right level of awareness, no one would know it exists, and this may result in losses in the long run. This is one of the main challenges a lot of betting sites face. To get an edge here, ensure you utilize all platforms of marketing and advertising ranging from digital platforms and social media to get across to your target market.

Running a sports betting site can be lucrative with the appropriate know-how. Considering these factors above is certain to get you ahead in no time.